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A bunch of pears painted by Paula Amerine


Step inside my virtual art gallery, where imagination and creativity unfold. Explore and indulge in a visual feast, and if you find yourself longing for a closer encounter, join me at my Open Studio every 1st Saturday of the month to experience the magic in person.

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J. Randall & C. Smith, CA

“Paula's creative objectivity can be appreciated as the strikingly bold colors present themselves in her depictions of organic produce or the charming subtleties reflected in her still lifes. Her use of cleverly textured  backgrounds enhance each subject she touches."

B. Brooks, CA

"I have been collecting Paula's beautiful artwork for over 20 years. I love her series of paintings depicting the agricultural bounty of our foothills region. Her works are informed by years of studied devotion to art history as well as her exploration and application of new artistic mediums. Watching her process is captivating! Living with her works is a gift!"

J. Martin, CA

“Paula Amerine is such a creative artist that uses nature, photography and her amazing imagination to create beautiful timeless pieces that will bring years of enjoyment. I have known Paula for 35+ years. She is constantly growing, changing and creating such beauty. Her colors, texture and ability to capture the beauty always amaze me. ”
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