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Living in Placer County, I am fortunate to be surrounded by nature's impeccable allure, abundant fresh fruit and vegetables, and the vibrant essence of fresh flowers.


The human figure has always presented an intriguing challenge for artists, and I am captivated by its timeless allure.

Working primarily with oils on wooden cradles, I draw inspiration from the historic Art Deco period, bridging the gap between past and present. Landscapes and the female figure hold a special place in my heart, often becoming the central focus of my artistic exploration.


Welcome to my artistic journey, where passion and aesthetic harmony intertwine to create extraordinary works of art.

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My dedication throughout my career teaching high school art classes has deepened my commitment to research, the exploration of art history, and staying attuned to current events and trends within the artistic realm. Throughout my teaching journey, I continuously refined my painting and drawing skills, fostering a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. With a B.A. degree in art from UC Davis, I was privileged to be part of the renowned art department during the remarkable artistic era of the 1970s, where accomplished artists imparted their wisdom.


Color and design serve as pivotal elements in my paintings, laying the foundation for my artistic expressions. While I initially consider the influence of a subject when starting a painting, the process gradually evolves, with layers of pigments and multiple glazes taking precedence over the subject matter itself. This technique allows me to delve deeper into capturing volume through the interplay of reflected light and cast shadows. Drawing inspiration from fabric design patterns and color theory, I strive to create captivating compositions that engage the viewer.

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